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The Crazies Review

Posted in Film Reviews And Conversations with tags , on March 6, 2010 by Adam Broome

Quick on the heels of The Wolfman released only two weeks beforehand, The Crazies hits the big screen, and again I head to the Odeon to witness the spectacle. Again, this is a remake trying to stay true to the original formula (hence the rather well-adapted 15 certificate).

The story is one that’s been built upon many a time since the original – set in a sleepy country town in the middle of nowhere, a town sheriff (here played by Timothy Olyphant, an actor I’ve been a fan of since seeing him in ‘Go’) investigates several bizarre acts of seemingly motiveless violence. People seem to be going crazy for no reason – that is, until, a plane carrying a mysterious cargo is found in the nearby lake, which just so happens to be the town’s primary source of water.
Before you know it, the military has turned up, with active orders to quarantine the town. But it’s not long before the soldiers start gunning everything in sight, and the infected ‘crazies’ escape. Off we go on another road trip from hell, although obvious though it is, it pulls off the scenario rather well.
Some inspired set pieces, including a stop by a car wash and a scene where several hapless beings strapped to beds are chopped up by a mad farmer, keep things interesting. They are heavily needed though – the ‘crazies’ are basically zombies without being zombies, and after the first five ‘jumps’, as with The Wolfman you will become immune to the only scares this film has to offer. Even without scares and gore, the acting and script are well done. There is very little characterisation, so lack of empathy will also kill the mood towards the end. It’s just over 80 minutes long, but doesn’t appear to be any longer. A comfortable B-movie, that avoids the mistakes The Wolfman made, then goes and makes whole new ones.