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Film Proposal – The Job Interview

Posted in University Work (Old) with tags , , , on January 31, 2011 by Adam Broome

Judging by what research I have done, on the outset it seems hard to justify my initial idea. It does not feature romance, and the setting is so general and vague that conventions almost do not apply.

Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em…


The Job Interview

Summary In 25 Words:

A student applies for a job, but during the interview the formality of the situation gets turned on its head.

My idea is based around an interview. It originated as a job interview, but then became a University interview in later stages of development, as I felt that as such a film would be script-heavy, it would be best to write about what I knew. However, initial feedback was wary that this setting would alienate non-academic audiences, which I agreed with. However, I still felt it was important to write about something I knew a little about – thus, I merged the two ideas, and created a script about a student applying for a part-time job. Having been there myself, I felt I had a better understanding of how words could be exchanged, as opposed to two middle-aged men talking.

One idea proposed was that the age difference could be swapped – in other words, an older man applied for a job where a young man interviews him. However, although this would still fit in with the script, it seems much more obvious that a grown man would disrespect a young interviewer, and turn the formality on its head. The concept is not particularly relevant, as I’m already going against conventions – that of a formal situation being smashed down by a free-spirited young man.

The narrative outline, for what it’s worth, features a young man turning up outside a room for a job interview. Upon his approach, the previous interviewee can be seen running away crying. Upon entering the room, it is immediately clear that the person doing the interview is a ‘dinosaur’ – the worst type of hard-pressing boss. The boy starts by answering a question, but due to his nerves, feels that he bundles his chances. When the reaction of the interviewer seems to confirm this, the young man then starts to go off on a tangent, under the impression he has nothing to lose. As the interview progresses, the answers become less serious and more anarchic, stripping down the formality of the confrontation. However, ultimately the humour also manages to break down the formality of the interviewer, and gets the young man the job. The final shot is of the hand shake confirming the place.

The rules of K.I.S.S are followed to an almost painful degree here. With the exception of one shot, there are two people in the entire piece. With the exception of only a few shots, the whole film is set in a room – just the order for a three minute film. The script is very heavily reliant on the dialogue featured in the interview. No narration or voice over is included. Because of this, I wanted the lead to be a student, to allow me some leeway in understanding possible responses to certain questions. Ultimately, this film will likely be shot in one day, and can be fully edited within one week. The problem is the music, but I have a few leads I wish to chase up on this matter – I will post with relevant information when these factors become concrete.

There is still a lot to be decided with the group – it is unlikely this will be an office job interview, as students only really look for part time work. These tend to take place in side-rooms, of which the university itself has many likely areas.

Character Profiles:

The Interviewee

The main character, as aforementioned, is a young man in his early twenties, looking for a job. He has a rather formal approach to the interview, but when he thinks he answers a question wrong, he drops his ‘act’ and takes everything far less seriously. It is perhaps this attitude that has prevented him from getting previous jobs. His is a joker with a wicked sense of humour, and very little time for political correctness or niceties. He is the perfect match for The Interviewer.

The Interviewer

This middle-aged man (or woman) is a stereotypical business tyrant. The interview room is practically an interrogation room in his eyes. His sole purpose is to weed out the none-hackers – and quite evidently, this person has had no joy in their life. Monotony has seen to that. This is apparent within the opening minute – when the formality is broken down, it almost frees this character from the politically correct barrier erected, and by making The Interviewer laugh, The Interviewee gets the job.

The Crying Girl

Featured in one shot alone, a crying girl runs out the interview room and past The Interviewee. She has no relevance to the plot other than to establish the character of The Interviewer, and play for laughs.


The entire film takes place just outside and inside the interview room. The final shot is of a hand-shake, cementing the events of the film. This is a film about the interview, and nothing more.

Crew And Equipment:

This will almost certainly be filmed on JVC ProHD 700 cameras, in a side room of the university. It is likely to be shot in widescreen and HD, unless argued otherwise. Sound can be managed by use of boom mics attached to these cameras, providing we can find somewhere quiet to film. It will require a team of three at minimum, which fits my current group perfectly – I’m sure I can call up some favors if things get heavy. It will almost certainly be edited in Final Cut Pro.

Where we get our actors from is a mystery at present. I intend to use professional actors, and I know there are several in the drama studios of my university who would step in for the roles of the younger characters. This may still leave me without The Interviewer however – further research will be needed in this area.


Professional Experience Proposals

Posted in University Work (Old) with tags , on January 2, 2011 by Adam Broome

Truth be told, I completely forgot about this. Not that I’m too worried – accumulated, I should have completely smashed the 4-week aim by the time May comes round. After an inspired lecture at the start of term, I realised I had little in the way of a showreel, which is bad for me since I’m aiming to be a camera operator when I leave. This year has now got me entirely focused on making a showreel that I’m proud of – and this module seems to be the perfect way to develop it. Let’s take a peek at what I’ve got in store at present:

Already In The Bag

Source Radio

Every Saturday, from 8:00pm until 10:00pm is my radio show. There have been several technical issues throughout term one which have made broadcasting a bit of a problem on some nights. Complete with all these problems, however, I have grown to know the studio inside-out. I can now utilise all the faders to a high quality standard, and I’ve operated computers, CD players an iPods to get my music onto the airwaves. The Myriad computer is hardly ever used, meaning I have to develop the whole show (running order included) myself, although half way through the term I found a co-presenter, who makes the show run a lot smoother and helps with discussions and musical input. Hopefully the show will become more interactive in the upcoming weeks, but so far, this is looking set to be at least 5 days of the total professional experience.

Total weeks covered – 1 week

Source TV

This one is not so simple. The projects I undertake are largely improvised. They happen with a little warning, but usually no thorough planning is undertook before I embark on Source TV’s adventures. So far, I’ve filmed the All-Students Meeting, the Demo-Lition protest march in London, and a marketing video for Platinum with a TV celebrity. Fundraising events are set for the near future, I’m sure along with many other projects I can get involved in. I’m unsure how much work will be totalled up by the end of this year, so I’ll par it with Source Radio at 5 days, considering that there are fewer projects here, but they last longer.

Total weeks covered – 2 weeks

Solo Projects – Demo-Lition

Coupled with 260MC and Source TV, this project saw a guaranteed one day of work, from planning right through to distribution. The relevant blog post will have all the information about this project, but to say it was based around 1 day, I’ll keep it at that.

Total weeks covered – 2 weeks, 1 day

The Hereward Documentary

Seemingly lacking in any ability whatsoever to get an ‘xmas temp’ job, I compensated by tagging on into this project as a camera operator. This documentary is based around a group of students from Hereward College, who suffer from Asperges Syndrome. My professional role includes only on-site input, so perhaps the relevant hours and days in relation to this module are reduced somewhat – perhaps about 3 days? This project is set to be finished in March.

Total weeks covered – 2 weeks, four days

Once Upon A Time (The ‘Prague Trip’ to the uninitiated)

This is a project I’m particularly looking forward to. My tutor from last year, Clifton Stewart, has done what he does best and has written a script up for a film set in Prague. Once again stepping forward as camera operator, my job is to learn to use the ProHD JVC cameras and all their accessories in time for the trip, which will take place for one week in February. I have also been involved in various fundrasing activities for the trip. Like the protest march, I’ll clip this down to the five days of the trip, exluding pre-production, which tallies to a neat 5 days.

Total weeks covered – 3 weeks, four days

Still To Come

Call The Shots

There is an illusive society hidden deep somewhere in Coventry called ‘Call The Shots’, which have put all sorts of adverts around Coventry University. What this group entails I do not know, and until I know more, this concept remains a back-bencher. This is to be investigated in the coming weeks.

The CVTV Project

I hope you’re not all bored with Johnny Rickard just yet. His assistance in the march was only a side-project for him – this is where his main focus is. The showreel he originally asked Source TV for help with, but ultimately turned to my Media Production year for our assistance, has been dubeed ‘The CVTV Project’. We will set up a makeshift TV studio in one of the rooms in Ellen Terry, and with a live audience over the course of 1 day, film Rickard interviewing his lined-up celebrities, including Bex Shiner and Paul Gambaccini. It’s either gonna go very well, or very wrong.

Total weeks covered – 4 weeks

Solo Projects

I still have one or two ideas jingling around up there (don’t we all), but in view that these projects would need to be made alongside all this stuff already, I’m unsure how they’ll pan out. I’ll make no promises, so these will remain back-benchers as well (or integrated into other modules – stay tuned).

Atlantic Whale Foundation (AWF) Volunteering – A.K.A ‘Tenerife’

Here is the one you’ve all been waiting for! As I’m sure most by now know, I am one of several students from the university who are going out to Tenerife in April to help the charity ‘AWF’ with their marketing. To entice us, we have been informed of many options open to us, including underwater cameras to film sea wildlife, trips on boats to various parts of the island, and support in any solo projects we may wish to take on whilst we’re out there. Truth be told, no one truly knows for sure what awaits us out there, but regardless, this is without a doubt the 4 week placement that was always designed to keep this module happy.

Total weeks covered – 8 weeks