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Iron Man 2 Review

Posted in Film Reviews And Conversations with tags , on May 9, 2010 by Adam Broome

Set to be my personal ‘film of the year’, the sequel to my first-ever review two years ago was a highly-anticipated event. After hearing mixed reviews about the copious amounts of characterisation going on in it, I had to see for myself whether or not the only franchise to rival ‘Batman’ was still holding strong.

The story picks up six months after Iron Man 1, with Tony Stark being told to hand his suit over to the US government. He gives his company over to his secretary Pepper, as unbeknown to her, the power node in his chest is actually killing him. As you can probably already tell, there is a lot of chat going on, and the only action comes in the form of Mickey Rourke’s villain Whiplash – a sour Russian scientist who has ties to Stark’s father.

After a promising opening twenty minutes, you think this will still hold the honour of the first film. Mickey Rourke develops his suit quickly, and heads to the US for a confrontation, whilst the scenarios and characters are set up back in America. Don Cheadle steps in to play Rhodes, Stark’s military friend and soon-to-become sidekick War Machine. To say it took Stark almost a whole movie to get used to using his suit, Rhodes manages to control his suit within a matter of minutes. The acting is as good as the first, though is let down by rather odd humour. Some set pieces are played purely for laughs this time round, taking off the seriousness that gave the first movie it’s edge.

Scarlett Johanson plays Black Widow, a spy who worked for the Russians in the comics, but works for SHIELD in this film (?). Her talent is wasted, the character is altogether unnecessary, and her ‘fighting’ scene looks woefully out of place in contrast with all the robot-smashing going on. Whiplash attacks a grand prix in a very well-choreographed sequence, then spends the rest of film preparing his massive attacks for the finale. Whilst he tinkers with robots, all that’s left is lots of talking, unnecessary cameos from the likes of Samuel L Jackson, and misplaced humour.

Rourke’s villain seems extremely underused. Stark’s father plays a role in this film in more than one way, yet the history between Iron Man and Whiplash is never explored, not even on the simplest terms. Ultimately, the villain seems to be there only to provide bangs for bucks. It is the final straw for me, for a film that explored the characterizations so well in the first film should make a mess as bad as this for a sequel. The special effects are good, the story is obvious. This epitomizes Hollywood blockbuster fluff at it’s highest calibre.

Like Pirates Of The Caribbean, this franchise now plays for laughs – and I mean Hollywood laughs. You know, the Americanized, ‘unfunny’ kind. Why does it spend time furthering Stark’s character which we already know, rather than devoting time to other characters such as the villains, or even to some of the lesser-involved goodies, such as Rhodes? Like the first film, this focuses entirely on Tony Stark. But this time, you just wont care.

6 / 10