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Hadouken! – Good Or Sh*t? (Or Just Plain Radical?)

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on May 14, 2010 by Adam Broome

Here’s one for all you media students (and lecturers) out there. There’s this band called ‘Hadouken!’, formed in 2006 at Leeds University. They have currently released two albums in the ‘new rave’ genre – the first was rather well-received, the second has bombed. If you’re worried you haven’t heard of them, don’t worry. They’re not that big… yet.

The five-piece band have created something called ‘Grindie’, which is basically a music genre hybrid of ‘Grime’ and ‘Indie’. They are one of the few bands to actually use it as their signature sound and style. Back in 2007, I remember going into my local ‘Fopp’ store, and walking past them several times whilst trying to buy some heavy-metal CD. I checked their tunes out on Youtube, and disregarded it completely. However, now I’m not so sure.

See, you may be able to tell from several posts, especially ones on the 101MC module, that I have this fascination about ‘culture’ and what it means blah blah blah. But what we have here is a new type of culture. Something that’s just starting out. As a critic, and as a person interested in the media, I am inclined to say that I hear a sound starting to emerge from this band. A culture of tomorrow, if you will. Think back to Gary Numan in the late 70s. He was not the first person to create that electronic sound – that was down to The Human League and a few others. However, Numan was the first person to truly master the sound and make a large profit. I think what we have here is perhaps another ‘Human League’ – a band of people getting together to create music nobody has ever experienced before.

So, regarding the title of this post…

2007, I checked them out. Rubbish, but then, everything not metal WAS rubbish back then. Now, with eyes anew, I am in a bit of perplexing situation. Hadouken! has already gained the approval on NME and BBC’s Zane Lowe (to a certain extent). The critics seem as confused as me – some of the stuff is genius… some not so much. I’ll drop a music video at the end of this post so you can experience them first-hand, but it’s like rap, rock, and dance music all rolled into one. It’s just… weird. Lyrically, however, a lot of these songs rival Gallows in terms of relevance to modern culture. It is a true depiction and expression squarely about the youth of today and their experiences. For the most part, as far as I can tell they get in spot-on. Pay attention, older generation out there. If you’re wondering what it’s like growing up these days, look no further.

At the top of the range, the song Girls is my favourite for the moment. The whole theme of ‘where have all the single people gone’ never seems to get old, and it’s also… how do you say, a tight tune? But there are plenty of songs that seem just too radical for their own good, and just don’t work. I do credit them for being the first band to make hood-tops look sexy though. They’ve got their own channel on Youtube, plus lots of fan videos, so they’re not difficult to find. Which brings me to another relevant point.

Because this band is so recent, not ONLY do they make songs that encompass a generation that nobody seems to either recognise or care about anymore, but they have also used the internet to the maximum. This is a band that has recently started out, and have had very little help from official vendors in the way or marketing or merchandising. Yet, they have managed to achieve a loyal fan base to rival some of the chart-toppers of today. I compare them to the Soho Dolls, a great band that sadly doesn’t seem to be around anymore, but were great two years ago. They also used the web solely as a means to advertise, and basically run their entire media career around.

The internet could well be the entire media spectrum rolled into one in twenty years, so are bands like Hadouken! here starting the trend? Whichever way you look at it, something is going down here. I don’t think this is something that’s just going to fade away. Two or three years ago (something you may also find in my ‘Cabinet Of Curiosities), I experienced a band called Pain, who did a unique mix of ‘dance metal’. I said it would be the future of music. It appears I may have been correct.