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Avatar 3D Review

Posted in Film Reviews And Conversations with tags , on January 19, 2010 by Adam Broome

Having put this off for quite a while now, I found myself walking into Coventry’s Odeon for the first time last night, to experience what has become one of the greatest selling films of all time.

Avatar tells the story of a marine called Jake Sully, who has lost the use of his legs during service in the army. However, at his brother’s funeral, he is invited to take part in a radical science project on the planet Pandora, where the humans have come up against several hostile alien beings – notably, the Na’Vi tribe. The tribe are sitting over a large deposit of rare rock called Unobtainium, you see (yeah right), and the humans have developed creatures called ‘avatars’, which allow humans to walk around in Na’Vi bodies.
Sully gets the chance to go on the mission because his DNA matches his brothers’, who was part of the the intended science team. Sully’s mission soon becomes apparent: infiltrate the Na’Vi tribe, gain their trust, and feed information back to the gathering human military, who are gearing up for a massive attack under the command of Colonel Quaritch.
Okay, first things first – effects. Any good? Well… yes and no. Sitting only slightly off-centre (a little to the right) was enough to spoil the 3D effects in some scenes, which may limit how effective this new craze will become. Most effects are wondrous, merging the real with the digital seamlessly. However, some CGI was just as obvious as The Lord Of The Rings – disappointing considering the hype.
As any review will likely tell you, take away the effects, and then we get problems everywhere. Story comparisons have been comparing this film to Dances With Wolves and Pocahontas. Personally, I was more ‘Last Of The Mohicans’, but you get the jist. This film has been done before many a time. You will make the entire story out within the first twenty minutes, then watch it all play out over the next two hours. Previous films were based on ‘the real’, which serves as a constant reminder that this is not.
As I had been wary since the film’s release, the comparisons to several computer games is quite shocking, almost the point of plagiarism. Halo 3’s ‘Hornets’ seem to be the main choice of air travel, whilst the enemy Na’Vi use ‘banshees’. When we’re not in the air, humans walk around in big machines, reminiscent of Lost Planet’s VS suits. However, if you’ve never experienced ‘E.D.N III’ or ‘Installation 04’, you will undoubtably be inspired by some of the set pieces.
The script was as obvious as the story, however the actors did particularly well. A cast of largely unknown talent added some much-needed realism, which is rare for a film of this magnitude. Despite all the things wrong with this film, they deserve every success.
So, pretty good effects, obvious and unoriginal story, risky plagiarism, bland script, epic acting. Michelle Rodriguez steals all the best lines. But despite it all, the world created should be experienced, if only to say you saw it in ‘3D’. You could do far worse, this is a good film with (some) imagination, and quite believable. However, it definitely is not the best film ever made. It wont be the best film you’ve ever seen. And this makes me wonder whether it deserves the snowball-effect hype built up around it.


A hornet fighter from Halo 3