July 29th – Launch

Much to my surprise, there was not a lot to plan once the route had been booked. Everything got printed, I packed my bag, and that was pretty much it. The gravity of how light I was actually travelling around finally hit me today – nothing much in my bag except underwear and a rain mac. Forecasts predict another wet week ahead, which is slightly worrying considering most of the Netherlands is (I think) below sea level.

Going out the night before in Nottingham for a birthday might not have been the best idea, as I only got three hours sleep last night. Although I’m not used to sleeping on buses, planes, or anything else that moves, I may just have to make an exception this time round. I am currently at three hours until departure whilst writing this, and from then on, I’ll be travelling through the night into the sunrise, when I will hopefully be approaching my first destination in Eindhoven.

One thing that’s got on my nerves is not really knowing what is acceptable as hand luggage. Normally, any ‘questionable’ items can be smuggled in the cargo luggage (for example, an empty beer bottle you might want to keep as a memento). But now, seeing as I only have one backpack, it’s a whole different ball game. I was intending to take a Cuban cigar out with me, only to realise that not only will a lighter cause fuss, but the cigar cutter has a razor in it, and the product of tobacco in general whips up a storm. I may just compensate at the duty-frees, but this was clearly one thing I hadn’t anticipated. I’m glad to be returning by boat.


2 Responses to “July 29th – Launch”

  1. 1 lighter is allowed in hand luggage, I go through with 1 all the time!

    • Really?? I saw a load of signs that said no lighters were allowed on in the hand luggage? :s Maybe it varies between different plane corporations, or different airports maybe? I dunno – probs wouldn’t chance it myself tho, my lighters are usually from the pound shop anyway haha

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