Quick Updates On The Placements

So after the proposals and ‘action plan’ earlier in the year, you may notice that several projects seem completely missing from the hand-in of the module.

CVTV has been delayed by whole terms – Johnny Rickard wants to turn a lecture theatre into a TV studio, and in order to make it look the part, each wall has had to be crafted from scratch. Finances were sorted and designs were handed over, but it’s taken so long to make the set that as of yet CVTV has not been filmed. It’s an ongoing project that looks set to be completed sometime towards Term 3, perhaps now with media crews from various film societies, as most students of Coventry University have either forgotten about it, committed themselves to other projects, or will be busy working on their own modules for their degree.

Hereward college is also still being filmed, although there is a mass screening in late May, so the documentary is guaranteed to be finished by the end of this month. There is a final shoot happening the day before the hand in, where once again I will be operating the camera in search of the final illusive shots that will make a good documentary even better.

Solo Projects that were lined up could not be completed due to ‘assignment overload’ in Term 2. These included two short films – one a martial arts, one an art house. I also thought about doing a documentary on Coventry market – I’m sure there’s a story there somewhere, I just need to find it. As I have had no Easter break due to being on my placement in Tenerife, it is likely that these projects will be completed in the future long after the deadline for this module has passed.

Source media is still going well in terms of the radio, but in terms of Source TV I have more or less dropped out of the society, cutting back several days of work experience which I would have gained had I remained a solid member. It wasn’t a conscious decision – the people running it (third year students) cancelled meetings due to having work commitments. When meetings were held, I couldn’t make them. Projects were set up but not completed, and eventually I had trouble even doing a simple thing like filming the Varsity event. Source Radio on the other hand has blossomed, and I have gained a lot of confidence in hosting a radio show. It has helped a lot having a co-presenter, and we look set to carry the show through into Term 3. I think the difference between the two media societies is that Source Radio had a routine (one show every week at the same time) and Source TV did not (they often wanted help with projects on short notice). As a result, the radio shows were a lot easier to fit into my university schedule.

Call The Shots was never chased up in the end, though they may become involved in the aforementioned CVTV project to help out with us students. It’s a shame, because I know there’s a lot of potential contacts in the group. Right now though, I’ve dedicated my time to university modules and cemented work placements – mostly abroad. It is likely that Term 3 will be a more convenient time for me to get involved in this film society.


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