Who Killed Brown Owl? – I Don’t Know.

I really don’t.


We were shown the introduction of this video a few lectures back, and I gave it a watch about a week later. It’s a strange film done in a single take, slowed down so it lasts about 10 minutes. The music is almost classical – slow and repetitive (reminded me a lot of Greensleeves, dunno about you). The script is none-existent – the film is clearly purely a visual exercise. The plot is anybody’s guess – the narrative is so hair-brained it could be a modern art masterpiece… which I think is what it was trying to be.

See, this is why so many students made artefacts like this for their montage projects – films with no narrative, just beautiful shots with music in the background. Anything can be ‘art’ as long you provide enough B.S. in the description to convince the viewer youknow what you’re talking about (goes for ‘art’ generally I suppose – whole ‘unmade bed’ argument all over again). I was always trying to be abstract – The Brick had narrative, and Two Minutes has several. The delivery of the narrative is what I deem important in my art. Funny how, in the one project I did as a group, we descended into the territory of random beautiful shots with music in the background and a lack of narrative. Even The Urbanisation gallery told a narrative of sorts – the various stories of urbanisation in each different city… actually, I lie, that was just about fancy photography really (see what I mean about convincing the viewer?).

Anyway, I don’t normally ‘do’ this sort of film, but I actually quite liked it. Often with films that have no purpose, are argue what the point of making it was. But here, it seems so obvious that the point quite simply was to make something beautiful, even on concepts such as murder and child accidents. I found something very ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, as all the characters in the film are told to be part of one select group. The strange music almost gives the film a pagan feel, like murder and death was always going to occur. I felt it aimed a bit suddenly, but it could only go on so long with the same shot and the same music before audiences would start to fidget.

It’s a very fancy piece, and I’ll likely conduct a similar film for my montage. I still have yet to do ‘Dirt’ (week two’s project – oh dear!), but I’m planning on filming some beautiful shots, and then doing a monologue over them. It will be a ‘Slow-Mo Monologue’. I’ll explain more about that once I’ve done it, but the fact that it will be filmed using Z5 slow-motion mode will not make it that dissimilar from this. It makes you wonder how different this film would be had a short monologue been included. Oh, and who did kill Brown Owl? I quite liked the list of suspects the film set up – what made things even stranger was the fact that ‘Brown Owl’ is never really revealed. Ah well, like all art-house films, you either ‘dig it’ or you don’t.

For your own amusement – I’m privy to the odd largo or symphony myself. This is in the vaults of my favorites on my Youtube channel, and I’m sure it inspired the soundtrack to this film somewhat!


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