The TV Quiz Show – Reflection 3

This final reflection is mostly just my thoughts on how the presentation went. Now having seen the finished artefact myself, I can see that it has turned out really well. The editing was handled by only two people, and they worked extensively on it over the final week. Although they say they were not 100% pleased with the final product, I think everyone else is. It looks professional, and to say that the background was created during that last week (the original chromakey was unusable), I think the editors did well to make it look that good.

It was well-received in the lecture as well. A point was made about the in-jokes, but considering this artefact was always going to be shown to our friends, I think the humour worked well. The shots were ordered well, and in terms of the camera work there’s little I can falter with. The creation of this piece has been heavy going, but it’s good to see we created something at the end of it that will benefit everyone in terms of their showreels.

This is the website for the show:

I had no part in the production of this web site, but it shows what the original chromakey colour scheme was going to look like. It also added another level of distribution to our piece.


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