The Radio Quiz Show – Reflection 4

In the final week of the show, we confirmed our roles – Kayleigh would be a guest, and Lydia would be the recording operator. Faye would be our other guest, and only needing two guests, the roles were complete. Everything was set for Tuesday, and we had the studio booked out. Not wanting to land anybody in it, but one member turned up on the day with a terrible hangover. Luckily, she managed to fight through it, and after three successful run-through attempts, we decided we had enough to edit in the suites and make a high-standard final piece. However, this is where it all went wrong.

We uploaded the files to a USB stick, and in the process got talking with some light-hearted conversation. We were all busy for the rest of the week, eventually managing to meet up Friday to do some editing, but only to find the editing suites were fully booked. Come Monday, disaster struck – the USB drive was found to be empty, leaving no trace of any such radio recordings. Upon investigation, a Journalism hand-in day called ‘News Day’ had taken place after our show, and had erased all our saved data, meaning our final recordings were now lost. At this point, with the deadline less than 24 hours away, I apparently had a cool head and managed to treat the situation in a rather calm manner (as referred to by fellow teammates). There wasn’t much to it really – we had nothing to hand in, and the chances of a re-recording were second to none.

But then, suddenly, the recordings appeared as if by magic back on the USB port. We rushed an edit together, deciding that a rubbish version is better than no version at all. The editing was not done by myself. The two that did do it did I good job overall – the final piece had only one glaring error, and that was my fault of not turning up the gain on Faye’s voice (which was quieter compared to Kayleigh’s). That was fine by me – being the producer of this artefact, I was quite happy to go ‘down with the ship’ as it were. Given the hassle of the day previous, the fact it turned out as well as it did with only an error in the gain to me means we were pretty darn lucky!

On Tuesday we presented our shows. I acknowledged my error with the gains, but we did recite the events of the trouble with the editing. Two lessons can be learned:

1. Never talk when uploading things – pay attention right to the end.

2. Technology will never be 100% reliable.

As for reflecting upon the final artefact, gain issues aside I can’t really fault it. Kate stumbles several times as the host, but we left these in for added realism (and that was a genuine intention – not just because of our limited time window). The sounds were used well, and my fading in and out skills were pretty good. We were told that some background music could have been used to differentiate the rounds of the game from the ‘talking’ sections of the show, which I agree would have worked well (perhaps beds of some kind could have been used). We were told that the questions could have been music-related, given that the title ‘Sixty Second Song’ implies a music-related quiz show. We were also told that a sound could have been inserted for each correct or incorrect answer – I beg to differ however. Given the speed of the answers, these noises could quickly become repetitive and annoying to the listener. Final feedback considered that Kate needed more interaction with the guests. This would be nice, but given that we tried to fit a whole show into seven minutes, things were always going to be a bit tight.

So no, overall, I’m going to call this one a success (which is good considering this was my first producer role). We have created a media format that could work on TV, or on radio. The rules are simple and easy to understand, it is easily repeatable, and it’s cheap to make. I really liked our format – what’s better, I believe it’s my own brainchild, so all the more to obsess over my own work (never have before – I believe I deserve a bit of self-indulgence!). For better or for worse, here is the link:


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