Source Radio Catch-Up

It’s been a few weeks since my last update, so here’s just a few words to explain and reflect upon my ‘Source Radio Adventures’ so far. The first show went slightly awkward, but the second show went much better. Having guested on another person’s show, I could see how the faders were used to keep songs flowing from one into the other, minimizing the gaps between all the different audio channels. This was a big help for me in my second show, where I used the headphones to listen to my own show, whilst various faders went up and down.

The third show was one of the best thus far – a Halloween-themed show featuring songs varying from Ghostbusters to Enter Sandman. It was the first time I opened up requests, and actually got one – Jedward! What also happened in my third show was something I discovered that developed my personal style, given that most of these shows I do on my own. I was reading a book that had been set as a task from university during the airing time. I often referred back to how the reading was progressing – usually not very much. However, this gave me a talking point – almost a topic to my show. Then I realised that it is always good to be doing something in the studio other than just hosting a show. If you’re involved in doing something, it gives you something to talk about to the audience. It gives you a focus of conversation, and makes the show more informal as a result.

The show following Halloween was by far the worst one yet. A playlist comprising largely of internet songs were stopped as the internet continuously crashed and the streams were constantly broken. Myriad crashed indefinitely, locking me out of the system which most people use solely as a means of playing music. But then, finally, the iPod system broke, with sound only coming out of the right channel. All three systems of music were broken, leaving me without a clear path with which to broadcast music. Knowing full well that the iPod station wasn’t getting fixed anytime soon, and my hacking skills for Myriad were rather limited, I turned my attention back to the internet. I eventually managed to close all the windows, and finish the show with several internet tunes and a few half-songs from my iPod.

The forth show was the first time I had a guest on the show. Our banter was well-received by the audience. I used Myriad at several points during the show, but the music titles did not match the songs I thought thy were (eg: some songs were live, but not labeled as live). This was the final straw, and I actively strive to avoid using Myriad as much as possible in the future. The internet has become a saving grace – it takes much preparation to use, but it tends to work much better than Myriad. The iPod station is still broken – until it is fixed, the internet seems to be main method of broadcast.

The fifth show was cancelled as I went to Nottingham to arrange an Iron Maiden ticket. So all in all, I’ve had a themed show, a show where everything went wrong, a show where everything went right, a show with a guest, many shows on my own, and even a cancelled show. I’d say I’m getting quite experienced at all this!


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