The Radio Quiz Show – Reflection 3

Week 3 has passed, and our show is finally starting to take shape. We created a running order relatively fast, but realised that scripting the actual show would be difficult, as the host (Kate) would largely be interacting with the contestants, who would not be operating off a script. I was the producer, and Kate was the host. Originally, we had Lydia and Kayleigh as Team Captains, but given the short timings within the show, we realised the idea would not work, as they would not have enough airtime to be relevant to the show. The running order we scripted looks as follows:

Presenter (me) Introduces The Show – 10 seconds

Host (Kate) Introduces Show + Contestants + Explains The Rules – 90 seconds

First Round Intro – 10 seconds

Round 1 – 60 seconds

Second Round Intro – 15 seconds

Round 2 – 60 seconds

Announce Winner / Commiserations To Loser – 30 seconds

Round 3 Intro – 10-20 seconds

Round 3 – (unknown – depends on how many questions were accurately answered)

Answer Correct Or Not – 10 seconds

Ending – 30-45 seconds

Maximum Total Running Time – 5 minutes 50 seconds

This running order is good, because if anything goes wrong or overrun, we have a one minute ‘safety gap’. With Kayleigh and Lydia left with nothing to do, Kayleigh decided she would be a contestant instead. We already had two confirmed contestants already, but it is always good to have spare contestants. We were advised by our lecturers, however, that it would be easier to change the questions rather than the contestants. At some point this week, we will need to finalise these issues.

Whilst on the subject of questions, we each created ten questions each, giving us forty questions for the show, which averages out at twenty questions for each minute for each contestant. However, if we need backup questions as well, we should get another ten more each, just in case.

We met up one Thursday, having booked the radio studio out. Together, we conducted several run-through attempts. This was when we realised the ‘team captain’ idea didn’t work. This was also where we penned the above running order – I thought it best to pen it during this time for added ‘accuracy’. With everything else done, we realised we were missing one final, vital part of our show – the sound effects.

Earlier today, we created a ‘ticking’ sound to play at the end of the questions rounds (1 and 2), so the contestants know when their time is running out. This adds pressure, and hopefully tension, humour and added character. At the end of the ticking sound, we used Adobe Audition to merge an alarm sound at the end, so we have an alert that clearly states the end of that round (even if a question has been half asked, the round ends at the alarm indefinitely). We have another practice run booked for this Thursday, where we will have final run-through attempts with the sound, the running order, and what scripts we have. As producer, I feel confident in the project. As with most media artefacts, I believe that 70% of the success depends on the idea, and I believe we have a strong idea, and thus (providing we stick to the running order and don’t get sidetracked), we can’t go far wrong!

Some pictures from practice in the studio


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