The Radio Quiz Show – Reflection 2

This week, the thoughts have turned away slightly from research, and have become more focused about what our show will actually be about. We got together as a group, and stormed several ideas. Our advise was to be as random as we wanted, so that originality could manifest itself.

One idea that came out was the idea of answering questions before a toilet flush noise stopped sounding. However, this meant that our show would effectively be set in a toilet cubicle, which just made the quiz seem cheap and nasty. We knew we wanted a student-audience, and toilets just didn’t fit the bill.

However, I then came up with an even better idea for a game show. The game show would be devised into two rounds, and would revolve around people answering questions in order to increase playing time of a mystery song. The more questions that get answered correctly, the more of the mystery song they’d get to hear. Guessing the song would mean you were in the winner. After talks with fellow crew members, the idea was altered slightly so that now there will be two contestants. In the first round, each contestant will have one minute to answer as many questions correctly as possible. Each right answer gives two seconds more of the mystery song (five seconds makes the game just too easy). The one with the most correct answers goes through, the one with the least is out.

At this point, the winner then gets played the mystery song, but only to the time of how many answers they got correct. For example, if ten questions were answered correctly, you would have twenty seconds of the mystery song played to help you get the answer. The questions are general knowledge, and we decided to make ten questions up each, and meet back next week to discuss which ones we’ll use. Here’s my pop:

1. What is the furthest planet from the Sun? (A: Neptune)

2. What is 12 x 11? (A: 132)

3. What is the fastest land animal in terms of mph? (A: Cheetah)

4. What year did the Titanic sink? (A: 1912)

5. What is the name of the current actor who plays Doctor Who? (A: Matt Smith)

6. In chemistry, what does the symbol ‘C’ stand for? (A: Carbon)

7. What is the capital of Thailand? (A: Bangkok)

8. Who starred in the title role of the 1998 film Saving Private Ryan? (A: Matt Damon)

9. What was the name of the infamous christmas number one song of 2009? (A: Killing In The Name)

10. In gaming, what is the name of Super Mario’s brother? (A: Luigi)

Each correct answer gives an extra two seconds to the clock. There is no limit to how many questions get asked – the only limitation is that you have one minute to answer as many as you can (this being a desirable time limit, as evidenced in the radio show Just A Minute, which we investigated earlier in the week).

I think this is a good format. It is cheap to make because it revolves heavily around simple audience interaction. Sounds and music used in the show are minimal, and all that needs to change are the questions and the contestants, and the show can be repeated over and over again. The questions should in theory make the game playable to audiences at home, and the typical chit-chat featured, although not entirely original, is another way of bringing the audience into a comfortable environment. I’m not sure how this would look on TV, but I can certainly think of a few radio shows this would be suitable for. We have, however, been asked not to include any fictitious radio names in our final broadcast.

Also this week, we had a look at the newer radio studio. We prefer the one we visited in the first week, because it had a ‘warmer fell’ to it. For myself, as the producer of this artefact, the fact that the technology is older should also go in my favour (as it an teach me fundamental elements of radio mixing desks). One of the things I need to progress on this term is my technical ability, particularly with audio. In relation to this, the older studio looks very beneficial – although the newer one is very fancy, my mind boggles at the idea of using it professionally in two weeks time. Various teammates are away this week, but next week, I intend to make sure we start using our selected studio and get to grips with our running order, our script, and most importantly for myself, getting properly acquainted with the mixing desk.


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