Street Art – The Final Piece

Being posted up a little later than planned, the final piece based on my ‘street art’ manifesto eventually came to an end earlier today. The idea was for three stand-alone photos, of which two were taken. Everything was set to go for the third, but time seems just impossibly tight nowadays (I know, no excuses…). Oh well, as Meat Loaf said, ‘two out of three ain’t bad’.

So, the first photo was to be of a hoody smoking, with his back to the camera, and a board with ‘love’ written on it pinned to his back. The juxtaposition of a loveless photo bearing the message was designed to make the viewer think perhaps about what love actually is (and since all three photos form a trident of ‘Love Is Aggression’, this opening photo suits the piece quite well). I am the hoody, because I knew how impossible it is to get anyone from my course in front of the camera (though I’m not giving up yet!). I set off with a fellow student who opted to be my cameraman, only to see him walk off en route to the shoot, claiming he had ‘prior social arrangements’. By sheer luck, I managed to find another fellow student, who gladly gave five minutes to help me out. The result is:

In the end, this is the one I chose. I would personally have chosen to take the photo closer to the subject, but in retrospect, the wide-angle shot gives a feeling of isolation to the piece, which fits the mood I wanted to create perfectly. Overall, this is quite close to what I originally had in mind. I am in fact smoking a cigarette, but it’s a little hard to tell since the shot was taken from afar. I realise with this project that if I become the model of the photo, I can’t take the photo I want. Sounds obvious, but I didn’t fully realise. My friend took some good photos, but some I just didn’t like, for example:

This one seemed a little out of focus, but for me, that wasn’t the main problem. Having ‘university’ in the background inspires hope. Recalling a blog post from last year entitled ‘Being Opinionated About Photographs’, I remember that photographic art is usually pessimistic. This photo also does not obey the rule of thirds… but this time, it’s in a bad way. Also… the way I hold a cigarette is rather camp (to be honest, I was trying to vain to conceal the yellow university logo on the sleeve!)

Overall, although this photo turned out well, next time I must be behind the camera in order to achieve the proper effect. Which takes us back to where we started, in effect. I can’t get fellow students to star in my documentaries, or act in my films, or pose for my photos. By the end of this term, this continuous problem of mine MUST BE RESOLVED.

Moving on to the second picture, ‘Is’, we have quite an awkward one. With my planned would-be photographer off having drinks and being happy, I tried to shoot the sign with my finger in the frame. I quickly realised hat by taking the photo, I was positioned too close to the lens. Problems like these with DSLR cameras can be rectified by using some sort of button-operating equipment which I am currently seeking out, along with a firewire and a lens hood. Nonetheless, I made full use of the city-like panoramic views outside my local windows of my home. The end result:

This was taken from a selection of photos. You can probably tell I’m a big fan of diegesis when it comes to photography art, and the lighting is evident here. I quite liked how the corner of the sign is highlighted by the block of apartments beyond (accidental, of course!). Overall, as this word has no direct meaning, this photo was always going to be a hard one to pull off. Placed between two others, it would have worked. However, the last one was never taken, despite the location and the sign being all ready to go. Again, I needed a none-existent photographer AND a fellow model to stand alongside me. It seems, for this week at least, we just couldn’t get the staff.

This is one of the photos I didn’t choose, because the lighting was completely wrong. The wine bottle in the background did add something the photo, but I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted, so I chose to omit it from the final frame:

And here is the final A2 board, with no frame for a home (yet)


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