The Street Art Project

So, once the manifesto was created, we were tasked with creating some form of media artefact based on the manifestoes we had created. I had an idea in my head more or less immediately (one of those completely nonsensical-and-rubbish-yet-perfectly-suitable-for-art kind of idea). The idea was actually inspired by several fellow students, who had used boards with writing on as part of their projects previously. This is the first time I’ve been inspired to make an artefact based on their work. It was a good moment 🙂

The artefact will comprise of three photos. One photo seems just too easy, given the fact I did just take over forty photos of leaves falling off trees in the War Memorial Park just for fun. I went with three words: Love, Is, Aggression. The idea would be that one word will be written on a varying piece of paper. The paper would then be framed into a shot, and a photo would be taken. Of course, this being ‘art’, the connotations of the surrounding environment would probably contradict the word itself. Thus, for the word ‘love’, I immediately had an idea of a hooded youth. Knowing full well that I would be the only one willing to pose for these pictures, I will need a teammate to take the photos for me.

So, ‘Love’ – a youth sits with his back to the camera. He or she is sitting on a wall with a cigarette. The paper is stuck on the back of the hood with ‘Love’ written on it. ‘Is’ was a much harder idea to come by, since no real meaning is given on the word alone. Hence, I plan to put the word of a folded piece of paper, and sit it upon a chair in my communal area. I will stand next to it, and point at the word. Make of that what you will. ‘Aggression’ needed to be a happy photo, so I decided the best way to display this would… *ahem*… be if there was a girl holding a big piece of paper (A2 to be precise), and I was stood next to her facing her. I place a little kiss on her cheek whilst she giggles. Happy times all round. This would require another model. Any takers?

Originally, that final photo was one I intended to do in a photo studio (ie: plain white background). Then I realised that could possibly  contradict the ‘looking suitable on a street’, so I’ll make life easier for myself and shoot it up against a wall or something. I journeyed out and bought a big book of A2 sheets, as I will probably use some more for future projects (£4 from Rymans). I intend to shoot all three photos over the weekend.

Ultimately, the photos can mean anything you want them to mean. Collectively, the piece will be called just that: ‘Love Is Aggression’. The funny thing is, as stand-alone pieces, you could maybe read into the pieces even more. If you weren’t able to read between the lines in my manifesto, I will confirm this one notion for you: my art is hardly ever serious. I can do serious, but only when ready to produce serious things. Given that we only have a week to do this whole project, I question the seriousness. Thus, I will produce these photos, which do have hidden meaning I’m sure. But they are not to be taken in absolute honesty.

If you wonder why I chose photos, basically they’re easy for me to do and pose for. I know locations of plenty of interesting streets, and I hopefully know people willing to help me out with it. It was also down to the fact that we are working on ideas that have come from paintings and pictures (ie: still images). Even the video in the gallery was stop-motion. It seemed like the logical choice to make a project based around still images out of that research… and I’ve also never done arty photos before, so this just seemed like a good opportunity to try it!


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