The Radio Quiz Show – Reflection 1

Today was the first day of 262MC Formats Production. For the first half of the term, I will be working with three fellow classmates on a radio show that will follow the format of a quiz show. For the second half, a much larger group of us will film a TV show, also in a quiz show format. Today’s workshops involved us going to the radio studios on our campus and experimenting with the equipment. By random poll, I was voted the producer of my team, which is a fair amount of responsibility given my previous… err, exploits on the final module last year.

However, after being shown around one radio studio, I must say I felt quite at home. Of course, this module is going to be a valuable experience with regards my application at Source Radio, which is occurring at the same time as this task is. I’m glad to say that I felt very enthusiastic about the role I’d been given. The producer will sit at a desk in the ‘gallery’ part of the radio studio, and control a virtual running order, what music gets played, and possibly even present. Although initially uneasy about seeing all the technology presented before me, I was soon getting the hang of things. I feel I am competent to rise to this challenge, and I believe that my reinvigorated passion will no doubt assist with the creation of this artefact.

My skills with sounds have already been commented upon during my personal tutorial last week. Sound editing and audio mixing are areas that I have rather avoided up until this point. I do indeed feel I need to investigate this side of media production – initially I was focusing solely on the visual aspects. It would be a bit embarrassing if I left this course without being able to help a friend re-format a music file, but also I may enjoy audio production rather than visual. How I feel about these aspects will be elaborated on by the end of this module, as I have been designated a camera operator for the TV show production (just as I hoped I would!). Thus, I will focus on audio for the first half, and visual for the second half. I will push myself technically, as well as artistically, and will hopefully get something to showcase in my portfolio, which I realise from the task last week is rather empty at the moment (last year was for the majority a year of media production failures – yet failures that will come to benefit me this year, without a doubt).

The first thing we needed to do was conduct research. We had initial ideas about a talk-show based quiz show format. Basically, an example would be Never Mind The Buzzcocks or QI. Both are in quiz show format, but rather than following simple questions and answers, the show is more about the banter than ensues regarding the questions. If this idea was to work, we would need to make our show humourous. If we needed to make our show genuinely funny, we needed to understand our audience a hundred percent. This led us to deduce that our best bet of creating a funny show would be to aim it at our own generation, possibly even at students themselves.


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