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Decisions, Decisions…

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on August 13, 2010 by Adam Broome

So, I imagine most of us have by now read the letter promised to us at the end of term 3, detailing work over the summer period. Alas, I also imagine nobody’s read that bit, and jumped straight to the back, where Coventry University have kindly set up some placements for us to visit during an upcoming module.

Now… before we STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMPEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDE towards New York, another opportunity has presented itself in the form of Prague (that’s the capitol of the Czech Republic… no, that has nothing to do with Russia). There are another two work placements as well, although they do not involve foreign travel.

Personally, I like the idea of going to a different country, and trying to create a media artifact in a somewhat alien environment. But which to choose? In the words of Harry Hill, there’s only one way to find out… FIIIIIGHT!!!

New York

Ah, the city that never sleeps… not that I’d know to be honest, I’ve never been. Of course, with America being one of the financial capitols of the world (quiet at the back please), it would seem an obvious choice to design a media artifact here. It is a place of modern and post-modern culture, very much linked to technology, and it also features some of the most famous backdrops in the known world.

It would be tempting to do a short film based around a student in this city. This would also be a good chance to survey some of America’s professional media industry, for future reference. That would be done in your own time however – if I read the letter correctly, you arrange your own formal placements. The other artifact you make is more or less what we do in Coventry – but in New York (I may be wrong – this is not gospel). Whilst we ponder, here are some things to consider.

Five Reasons Why You Want To Choose New York:

1. No language barrier.

2. Famous backdrops, adding ‘Team America’ music themes with ease to your artifact.

3. Cheeseburgers

4. Good for future reference, if your career takes you to the U.S.A in later years.


Five Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Choose New York

1. Legal drinking age – most of you are younger than me. The game’s over before it’s begun.

2. The price.

3. Lack of variety – after you get an establishing shot with the Statue Of Liberty, you’re left with… well, New York.

4. Questionable placement – as I said, this is only the way I read the letter, but making an artifact in New York might not be as beneficial if you can’t secure another placement.

5. Distractons – even without alcohol, there be many.


In the other corner, an odd European city that many have heard of, but perhaps (like me) know little about. Here, we have a guaranteed placement, involving Red Camera equipment (i.e. expensive stuff). Notice also that the letter says film ‘shorts’, meaning you may become part of making more than one artifact.

Located beyond Germany, ‘alien environment’ will be putting it mildly. But even so, a place hardly damaged during either of the world wars, full of rich heritage (stop yawning!) and architecture, may well allow for some interesting artifacts. We may have less control over the artifacts we produce over here though. Here are some other points to consider.

Five Reasons Why You Want To Choose Prague

1. Unique experience – everyone’s been to New York. How many people have produced artifacts here?

2. Exotic locations. A good blend of rural and urban locales.

3. Legal drinking age – wahey, classic sidetrack. Remember the film EuroTrip? Don’t forget the absinthe!

4. The price.

5. Professional work experience. An induction into the industry, regarding staff and equipment.

Five Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Choose Prague

1. Language barrier. How long before ‘We No Speak Americano’. (That’s a good tune by the way.)

2. Future references – how many are opting for a media career in the EU?

3. So you saw EuroTrip… did you ever see Hostel?

4. ‘Pinache’ – also known as ‘It’s not New York’.

5. Less urbanisation – can be interpreted either way. Probably less distractions here. Romantic, or boring?

A Few Other Things…

These are just a few thoughts of mine. Ultimately, it’s unfair for me to judge, since I’ve never been to either place before. They both offer equal challenges, and both will be very different experiences. This is what a Red Camera looks like:

This, I thought, would be the most inappropriate appopriate thing to put on here. (Please… don’t let this scene be the final deciding factor!)

Funnily enough, that scene was actually filmed in the Czech Republic, although not Prague itself.

And this… this is just for kicks: