Letter To Self Redux (Return To Sender)

‘Hey you!’ Cocky sod.

I do remember writing that funnily enough. Not great times. Depression caused by that overlong wait last summer? I’ve got plans to avoid such a time this year. BUT this isn’t about the future! Right now, we look back! Well, I do. Whatever.

Yeah, we’ve got stuff to put in a portfolio. Not just this year’s projects either – I’m setting up stuff for next year already. We’ve got plenty of videos to go around. By the end of the year, you’ll know a lot more about the media than you do right now. Whether it’s good enough to show future employers or not I don’t really know… that’s up to them I guess.

A promise I made to myself? Would that be along the lines of getting bulked up to impress the ladies? Ha ha ha! I can’t quite remember that part, but I’ve taken up kung-fu, and kept at it, subsequently completing that karate-related unfinished business from years ago. I go to the gym loads. I hope that is satisfactory. Not wanting to give too much away, you’re also going to be running a marathon next year as well.

The music video offer does not still stand. You had your doubts when you wrote it, but YOU DON’T NEED HER. NOT ANYMORE. There is much groovier things to do in Coventry than all that business back in Nottingham. She hasn’t made music in a long time, and if she ever does again, I doubt you’ll be around for it. But other music is grand, even now. Wolfmother have made their comeback, you will make it to Download 2010. Gallows is just around the corner! On a similar note, alternative is still the best. But it is expensive. A little early to film angels yet I think.

Friends with lecturers and students? Yeah, I was running out of things to writ at that point. Stupid question – you have always been popular in academia, and always will be. You’re allies greatly outnumber your enemies. And Coventry is still being explored, you’ll be pleased to know. Rock City is visited every now and then, to see some of the few old pals still around to say hi. Coventry is a new beginning, ultimately giving it an appeal you wont be able to foresee yet.

I am more confident, as you so radically predicted, and I gave as honest an effort as I could. Term 1 will be awesome. Term 2 will be difficult. But you’ll pull through the ups and downs, as you always do. This year will be a fun one!

P.S – Don’t forget to text your mum.


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