Letter To Self

Hey you. You remember writing this. I hope you’ve enjoyed your first year at Uni. I’m sure you probably have. But that’s not what I was here to write about, was it?

What do I want to have accomplished after my first year on that course at Coventry? I’m feeling rather lazy today, so the easy answer would be ‘I dunno’. But since I’m here, I may as well attempt something.

Well, we both know the aim is to get somewhere in video production, so I dearly hope you have something to put in that portfolio of yours. I hope you have something to show potential employers… and I sincerely hope it’s something good.

Keeping to promises you made to yourself, you had better have gone to the gym at some point. A little late to join now if you haven’t. Also, if at any point you forget your pals back in Nottingham, remember that that music video offer still stands (if you’re too eager to start solo projects). Music is a sort of hidden-inspiration right now, so I also hope you’ve investigated music a little more (though looking at course content on the internet right now, you’ll probably have a hard time not doing that).

I’m assuming you haven’t forgotten to ‘keep it alternative’. After all, that is where all your work has been revolving around. I don’t want to see stuff other people have done before!

I’m also hoping you’ve made lots of friends by now, lecturers and students alike (but I wont hold my breath…). Discover Coventry. Even now, there’s some place you haven’t been to yet. Go find. Drop by the Jazz Festival, or the Godiva one. Or both, whatever. Make the most of them, because I’m getting the feeling you wont be dropping by Rock City again any time soon.

I know you’ll be more confident as an individual, and I’m also thinking you’ll be more inspired than you are right now. Other than that, there’s not a lot else to say.

I want what everyone wants… to have a good time, make some good friends, get a good education and improve my job prospects. As long as you gave an honest effort, I am not concerned =)


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